Toy libraries

A toy library is a high-impact, cost-effective, non-centre based programme that gives children, their families, early learning facilitators and ECD practitioners access to a collection of carefully selected educational play materials, play sessions and training on how to use toys to encourage development.

Cotlands believes that if every child in South Africa has access to a toy library that provides high-quality early learning play opportunities, they will have the required foundation for progressive learning capacity enhancing their chance at becoming successful adults and contributing to the economic development of our country.

Toy libraries provide:

  • a lending service where members take out educational toys for their children, providing them with access to play and early learning opportunities at home;
  • play sessions for children who do not have access to early childhood development services;
  • training on how to use the various play materials and toys;
  • resources for under-resourced ECD centres; and
  • community capacity building sessions for parents, primary caregivers and early childhood development practitioners where general ECD, health, education and psychosocial information is distributed.


A mobile toy library is a vehicle equipped with a wide range of educational toys and resources that enhance and stimulate learning in young children.