“Cotlander” is an affectionate term given to those of us who are completely sold on the vision and mission of Cotlands. We are a people committed to making a valuable contribution to the future of South Africa through young children, whatever it takes.

Our contributions span across every duty, seen or unseen, from sweeping the passage, answering the telephone, running a playgroup, packing shelves in a toy library or brainstorming a strategy for sustainability, to ensure Cotlands celebrates its 100th birthday by 2036. We have a common goal.

Working at Cotlands doesn’t automatically make you a Cotlander – it’s all about how your heart and your attitude matches up with our values of excellence, impact, possibilities, responsiveness and play. A strong affinity to the cause to get every child in South Africa school ready.

We consider it an honour to be bestowed the title of Cotlander by our colleagues – it means, regardless of position or role, that we have demonstrated a willingness to pack boxes, offload a donation, make occasional personal sacrifices, support and assist a colleague as well as share knowledge, skills and expertise in order to strengthen the team for a common goal.
When we recruit, we are looking for your potential to be a Cotlander. For more information about specific requirements for functions, vacancies and an overview of our organisation, simply click on the buttons below.

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A structural overview of the Cotlands organisation.