Holidays don’t have to be horrible!

Holidays don’t have to be horrible!

The upcoming holidays can cause more anxiety than a visit to the dentist, so here are my tips to surviving the holidays…

Please don’t misunderstand me, like everyone else I would love to be lying on a private beach with a good book and glass of wine. But if you are like me the upcoming holidays cause more anxiety than a visit to the dentist.

For most of us it’s difficult to give the children a holiday to remember without over extending the budget or exhausting ourselves keeping them busy.

So here are my suggestions to turn horrible holidays into happy holidays

Plan in advance: Get the children to help plan a calendar and budget, this will help them understand what is and isn’t possible. It’s important to plan some activities where the children have mom and dad to themselves. Picnics’ and board games are great fun.

Give and take: Team up with other mommies who are willing to take turns driving and supervising the children. Having a support system means you also get some time “off”

Get crafty: Collect recycle items, give the children some crafty odds and ends like glue, buttons, and ribbons and see what they can make – this provides hours of fun at minimal cost.

Take on a project: Make a blanket, teach the children to knit and agree to knit two squares a day, or spend two hours every weekend building a tree house.  Children love seeing their hard work materialise into something useful.

Remember to rest:  Help children plan some activities that are not too busy, perhaps spend an afternoon reading some comics, or plan an in-house day and cook a meal together. Agree to a time where all phones, games, and computers are off

So gather your support team, make some coffee and get planning, together you can take the horrible out of the holidays!