Education for education

Education for education is a Cotlands tin campaign, proudly initiated by Priscilla Walters.

The project was officially launched on 12th August 2014 and has raised R8469 to date!

Schools are encouraged to instil the value of giving by distributing Cotlands tins to their students. Students are then required to fundraise to fill up these cans. Pupils can sell lemonade or cakes, participate in a car wash or even donate their tuck-shop money. Once the cans are full they return them to the school. Money raised from this campaign will go towards the Cotlands toy library project.

The value of giving improves social awareness and teaches children empathy. Children who participate in the ‘Education for Education’ campaign are known to become more confident and show a better understanding of the needs of children less fortunate than themselves. 

To get involved email: cilla@cotlands.orgTakeaTin

Participating schools include:
Grace College Hilton 
Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy 

Kidz Corner Pre Primary School 

Cilla's story 

The Cotlands tin project has as rich a history as our organisation. But it has been a long hard journey to get the tin project off the ground.

One woman who stuck with this project and who helped propel it into the successful campaign we all know today is Pricilla Walters AKA Cilla. Read more…

Education for Education in the news: